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Music from Europe: Technicolor Dreams (by A Toys Orchestra)

indie / pop / rock from Salerno, Italy

"Technicolor Dreams"
(2007, Urtovox)

by A Toys Orchestra Italian album
from Salerno, Italy

indie / pop / rock
in English
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A Toys Orchestra, Technicolor Dreams

[ video ]  Powder on the words
[ audio ]  Cornice Dance
[ audio ]  Ease off the bit
[ audio ]  Powder on the words

A Toys Orchestra That's what happens when the example of the Beatles becomes a behavioural code for a Mediterranean renovation of the last 40 years of English popular music. With the help of Dustin O'Halloran (Devics) the five musicians from Salerno create their own masterpiece. The A Toys Orchestra write rainbow songs that steal the melodic languages to Eels and Coldplay, but with a theatrical surrealism close to some Flaming Lips. A vividness of communication that aims at the heavy rotation with a kind of Middle of the Road style and an emphasis that Queen would not regret. Smooth midtempo that blow up in shiny uptempo. Dramatic ballads sustained by piano’s carillon and orchestral arrangements. Irresistible pop rigmaroles and indierock guitars. A wonderful idea of an Italian invasion into the international poprock charts. // Stefano 'Acty' Rocco

Release Info: Album out on 19th March 2007. Distributed in Italy by Audioglobe. Distributed in Europe by Cargo (from 27th March 2008).

A Toys Orchestra official website: http://www.atoysorchestra.com
A Toys Orchestra on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/atoysorchestra
A Toys Orchestra on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/atoysorchestra
Urtovox (label): http://www.urtovox.it