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  2006 Italian albums
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TOP 5  (in alphabetical order):

Fine Before You Came [ Fine Before You Came ]
by Fine Before You Came
indie / emo / post-rock  (from Milan, Italy)
released by Black Candy / L'amico Immaginario
New Liberalistic Pleasure [ New Liberalistic Pleasure ]
by The Death Of Anna Karina
hardcore / indie  (from Bologna, Italy)
released by Unhip Records
Non Voglio Che Clara [ Non Voglio Che Clara ]
by Non Voglio Che Clara
indie / pop  (from Belluno, Italy)
released by Aiuola Dischi
Polar Days [ Polar Days ]
by Ten Thousand Bees
indie / pop  (from Maniago, Italy)
released by Knifeville
Unmade Beds [ Unmade Beds ]
by Marti
rock / cantautorale  (from Genoa, Italy)
released by Green Fog

Other albums selected in 2006  (in alphabetical order):

After Dark, My Sweet [ After Dark, My Sweet ]
by Julie's Haircut
indie / psichedelia  (from Sassuolo, Italy)
Half Untruths [ Half Untruths ]
by Hogwash
indie / pop / rock  (from Bergamo, Italy)
La Fuga Dei Cervelli [ La Fuga Dei Cervelli ]
by Carpacho!
indie / pop / rock  (from Rome, Italy)
La Lanterne Magique [ La Lanterne Magique ]
by Grimoon
indie / folk  (from Venice, Italy)
Stella [ Stella ]
by Uzeda
noise / rock  (from Catania, Italy)