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  2007 Belgian albums
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TOP 5  (in alphabetical order):

Color At The Darkest Disco [ Color At The Darkest Disco ]
by Nid & Sancy
electropunk  (from Ghent, Belgium)
released by Lowlands
Hoekzetel Bruno [ Hoekzetel Bruno ]
by I Love Sarah
experimental  (from Antwerp, Belgium)
released by Animal Lovers Only
II [ II ]
by Ignatz
indie  (from Brussels, Belgium)
released by (K-RAA-K)3
Les Heures De Raison [ Les Heures De Raison ]
by Soy Un Caballo
indie / pop  (from Brussels, Belgium)
released by Matamore
Pop Off [ Pop Off ]
by The Rhythm Junks
roots  (from Brussels, Belgium)
released by Petrol

Other albums selected in 2007  (in alphabetical order):

[ 360° ]
by Mintzkov
rock / indie  (from Antwerp, Belgium)
I Am The Golden Gate Bridge [ I Am The Golden Gate Bridge ]
by Creature With The Atom Brain
rock / experimental  (from Antwerp, Belgium)
Jus de Box [ Jus de Box ]
by Arno
rock / pop  (from Brussels, Belgium)
Lemon Tea [ Lemon Tea ]
by Nomad
experimental / triphop  (from Kortrijk, Belgium)
Naked Wheelz [ Naked Wheelz ]
by Soapstarter
indie / pop  (from Ghent, Belgium)
Radio Infinity [ Radio Infinity ]
by Radio Infinity
rawk  (from Antwerp, Belgium)
Satellites [ Satellites ]
by Hollywood Porn Stars
rock / indie  (from Liège, Belgium)
Set Your Head On Fire [ Set Your Head On Fire ]
by The Black Box Revelation
rawk!  (from Brussels, Belgium)
The King of Eyes, Tits and Teeth [ The King of Eyes, Tits and Teeth ]
by Monsoon
indie  (from Brussels, Belgium)
Tuttilegal [ Tuttilegal ]
by Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra
ska / world  (from Antwerp, Belgium)