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  2007 Italian albums
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TOP 5  (in alphabetical order):

Dell'Impero delle Tenebre [ Dell'Impero delle Tenebre ]
by Il Teatro Degli Orrori
hard rock / noise  (from Venice, Italy)
released by La Tempesta
Dividing Opinions [ Dividing Opinions ]
by Giardini di Mirņ
post-punk / arty-rock / indie  (from Reggio Emilia, Italy)
released by Homesleep
La stagione del cannibale [ La stagione del cannibale ]
by Amor Fou
songwriting / pop / electro  (from Milan, Italy)
released by Homesleep
My Lonely And Sad Waterloo [ My Lonely And Sad Waterloo ]
by My Awesome Mixtape
electronica / indie / pop  (from Bologna, Italy)
released by Amico Immaginario / My Honey
Technicolor Dreams [ Technicolor Dreams ]
by A Toys Orchestra
indie / pop / rock  (from Salerno, Italy)
released by Urtovox

Other albums selected in 2007  (in alphabetical order):

A Sky With No Stars [ A Sky With No Stars ]
by Canadians
indie / pop  (from Verona, Italy)
Afraid To Dance [ Afraid To Dance ]
by Port Royal
electronica / ambient / post-rock  (from Genoa, Italy)
Chimera [ Chimera ]
by Ardecore
folk / rock / jazz  (from Rome, Italy)
Il dischetto rosso di Tarick1 [ Il dischetto rosso di Tarick1 ]
by Tarick1
house / italodisco / pop 80  (from Genoa, Italy)
Indentification With The Enemy [ Indentification With The Enemy ]
by Zu
electro / jazz / experimental  (from Rome, Italy)
Le man avec les lunettes? [ Le man avec les lunettes? ]
by Le man avec les lunettes
indie / pop / twee  (from Brescia, Italy)
Lemming [ Lemming ]
by Ronin
post-folk / desert-rock / soundtracks  (from Milan, Italy)
Oh Dear! [ Oh Dear! ]
by Settlefish
indie-rock / post-emo  (from Bologna, Italy)
Requiem [ Requiem ]
by Verdena
hard rock / grunge / psychedelic rock  (from Bergamo, Italy)
The Midnight Room [ The Midnight Room ]
by Jennifer Gentle
progressive / psychedelic / pop  (from Padua, Italy)