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  2008 German albums
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TOP 5  (in alphabetical order):

Next Time [ Next Time ]
by Bodi Bill
indie / electronic  (from Berlin, Germany)
released by Sinnbus Records
Shine In The Dark [ Shine In The Dark ]
by My Sister Grenadine
acoustic  (from Berlin, Germany)
released by solaris empire
Songs [ Songs ]
by Norman Palm
singer / songwriter  (from Berlin, Germany)
released by Ratio Records
StillNo1 [ StillNo1 ]
by Slut
indie / rock  (from Ingolstadt, Germany)
released by Virgin Music
The Devil, You + Me [ The Devil, You + Me ]
by The Notwist
ambient / indie  (from Weilheim, Germany)
released by cityslang

Other albums selected in 2008  (in alphabetical order):

[ Arriéregarde ]
by _pappmaché
indie / electro / minimal  (from Hamburg, Germany)
Auffallen durch umfallen [ Auffallen durch umfallen ]
by peters.
postpunk  (from Hamburg, Germany)
Grande Finesse [ Grande Finesse ]
by Delbo
indie / post  (from Berlin, Germany)
Lichter [ Lichter ]
by Lichter
indie / pop  (from Paderborn, Germany)
Melancholie & Gesellschaft [ Melancholie & Gesellschaft ]
by peterlicht
electro / pop  (from Cologne, Germany)
Too Much [ Too Much ]
by Bonaparte
indie / electro  (from Berlin, Germany)
Winter [ Winter ]
by Locas in Love
indie / pop  (from Cologne, Germany)