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Music from Europe: Amen (by Baustelle)

pop / rock from Montepulciano, Italy

(2008, Warner/Atlantic)

by Baustelle Italian album
from Montepulciano, Italy

pop / rock
in Italian
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Baustelle, Amen

[ video ]  Charlie fa surf

Baustelle An album which is complex and layered, rich in the production in the themes and references. A profoundously Italian album. Decades of Italian music are mixed at all levels, from the song writing of Pupo and Paolo Conte, through Battisti, Tozzi, Samuele Bersani, to the maudit trio Tenco-Ciampi-Endrigo, with a subtle recall to Gainsbourg and to the Pulp of the beginning of their career, perfectly blended in the sound architecture. Baustelle are a solid reality in the Italian music scene and this 4th album is their confirmation and consecration. We are not sure how all this can be apreciated/perceived by a foreign listener, as Baustelle have their strength in the lyrics and not understanding them can be an unbridgeable handicap. But we still try, as the the mood of this album is very strong and homogeneous. Under the apparent lightness, the feeling that an album like Amen expresses is that "Liberism is counting down its days", the World has come to an end and an Elsewhere is more than ever necessary. // Stefano Fiz Bottura

Release Info: Album out on 1st February 2008. Distributed in Italy by Warner.

Baustelle official website: http://www.baustelle.it
Baustelle on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/baustelle
Baustelle on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/baustellespace