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Music from Europe: Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest (by Black Zombie Procession)

punk / heavy from Montbéliard, France

"Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest"
(2008, Kicking Records)

by Black Zombie Procession French album
from Montbéliard, France

punk / heavy
in English
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Black Zombie Procession, Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest

[ video ]  Hell's Infection

Black Zombie Procession Black Zombie Procession surfaces more furious than ever, firmly decided to eradicate definitively the ear still resisting to its rock n’roll capable of crossing ages. In almost two years, they revised their foundations, tightened bolts, sharpened tools, and recorded one of the most solid and pervert French releases of these last months. During sixteen fatal knocks torn between punk, hardcore, heavy and mid tempo rock, the band demolishes everything in its path, without ever being short of munitions. For a very good reason: this new attack seems to have been carefully prepared this time, and shows itself more murderous than the previous one. For “Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest”, the sadistic and bloody Black Zombie Procession takes time to savor guts and intestines of its dying victims, torn up by some sharp riffs and finished by some powerful and melodic tracks. So this new record shows a solid coherence which extends to the cover drawn by Ed Repka (Megadeth, Venom, Nofx, Misfits…). Once this irreproachable release abundantly hurled, these immortal and worthy rock musicians of the darkness leave full of fresh flesh and blood, so happy to have crunched your calf even before you were able to join the Zone S. // Matthieu Choquet

Release Info: 15/09/2008, Anticraft