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Music from Europe: Next Time (by Bodi Bill)

indie / electronic from Berlin, Germany

"Next Time"
(2008, Sinnbus Records)

by Bodi Bill German album
from Berlin, Germany

indie / electronic
in English
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Bodi Bill, Next Time

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Bodi Bill Bodi Bill is an electronic band from Berlin and with their new album "Next Time" they created a new masterpiece. Electronical music that you can dance into octagons, that comes out of the speakers in fluid moves, that is incomparably urban and especially lives from the physical. So, electro is more than the amount of ones and zeros and it lives from more than than electricity alone."Next Time" proves that impressively. A beat is a beat is with Bodi Bill not just a beat. And though the music is more than the beats, the beats are more than the base or the means to an end, like its the case with most bands. So no, this isnīt the way Bodi Bill pursues. Their way is more winding and leads deeper into the possible sound, than even a Martin Kretschmar could realise. Therefore Bodi Bill is an exception. They are masters in their division and that reaches beyond electronical music. // Tore / Tamara

Release Info: Release Date: 15.06.2008

www.bodibill.de: http://www.bodibill.de
www.myspace.com/bodibill: http://www.myspace.com/bodibill