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Music from Europe: Oops I Dig It Again (by Cyesm)

trip hop from Le Mans, France

"Oops I Dig It Again"
(2008, Good Citizen Factory)

by Cyesm French album
from Le Mans, France

trip hop
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Cyesm, Oops I Dig It Again

[ ext ]  Special Agent 006

Cyesm Heir of a French electro dub scene in loss of speed for some years, Cyesm is part of this group of activists who decided to inject a revival in this kind of music which only asks to know a second golden age. And «Oops I Dig It Again» comes to confirm that he has more than one trick up its sleeve differing from his previous efforts by eying up more towards an instrumental trip hop - free jazz, in the vein of Erik Truffaz or Troublemakers. But the tremendous capacity of this producer to create eclectic and full of imagery atmospheres is still intact, as well as his dexterity to use all kinds of instruments. So we won’t be surprised to find in this album some tracks raising a robust hip hop base through exhausting beats and sharpened scratches while leaving enough place for jazz and funk influences. The result cannot be more effective and promising. Cyesm masters its subject and rises without any trouble on a base overhanging the French electro scene of these last months. A single regret: that «Oops I Dig It Again» lasts no more than 33 small minutes… // Matthieu Choquet

Release Info: June 2008, self produced

Official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/cyesm