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Music from Europe: Kings of the Worlds (by Fancy)

glam rock from Montreuil, France

"Kings of the Worlds"
(2007, Exclaim!)

by Fancy French album
from Montreuil, France

glam rock
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Fancy, Kings of the Worlds

[ video ]  Seventeen

Fancy Rock trio native of Montreuil (Paris suburbs), formed by Jesse Chatton, Mohamed Yamani and Ramon Pavez, Fancy is the group which nobody expects to see tumbling down. When all the groups of French rock swear only by Iggy Pop or Ramones, Fancy, with its theatrical costumes, its make-up, its sense of the show and all its influences, is maybe indeed the messiah for whom we did not dare to wait any more. While its first album, Kings of the Worlds, goes out, Fancy well plans to put everybody all right. From Morning to King of the World by way of U.N.V.I or Dressed to Kill, the hymns do not miss here, all carried by the pointed and ultrasexual voice of Jesse. The influences rather swollen with the group - a cheap synth here and there, metal or disco by there - will treat the nerd of music as the greenhorn tired of the fashionable sounds. Because we swim here at the same moment in revival height and in what makes the heart of the music: the pleasure. // Martin Cazenave/Sarah Constantin

Release Info: 24 september 2007 - Exclaim!/Warner

Official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/welovefancy