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Music from Europe: Dividing Opinions (by Giardini di Mirņ)

post-punk / arty-rock / indie from Reggio Emilia, Italy

"Dividing Opinions"
(2007, Homesleep)

by Giardini di Mirņ Italian album
from Reggio Emilia, Italy

post-punk / arty-rock / indie
in English
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, Dividing Opinions

[ video ]  Broken By
[ audio ]  Self Help
[ audio ]  Dividing Opinions
[ audio ]  Embers

Do you know what happens when punk-attitude flows into post-rock blood? You feel rage toward the whole social behaviour, but what you want is only to go deeper inside Love. So your language can only be full of grace. This album is not didactic in any sense. Giardini di Mirņ give their dividing opinions to the people, and let them think about while they play beautiful arty-rock suites and post-punk-noisy assaults. Interesting guests (Glen Johnson from Piano Magic, Apparat) give their approval. Italian post-rock heroes are here to talk to you about life. // Carlo Pastore

Release Info: Album out on 22nd January 2007. In Italy, released by Homesleep and distributed by Audioglobe. In Germany, released by 2nd Rec. In Japan, released by Thomason Sounds. The album is also available from the Homesleep online music shop, and from iTunes.

Giardini di Mirņ Official Website: http://www.giardinidimiro.com
Homesleep (Italian label): http://www.homesleepmusic.com
2nd Rec (German label): http://www.2ndrec.com
Thomason Sounds (Japanese label): http://www.inpartmaint.com/thomason/
Giardini di Mirņ on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/giardinidimiro
Giardini di Mirņ on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/giardinidimiro