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Music from Europe: II (by Ignatz)

indie from Brussels, Belgium

(2007, (K-RAA-K)3)

by Ignatz Belgian album
from Brussels, Belgium

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Ignatz, II

Ignatz Ignatz is the pseudonym of Brussels based singer-songwriter Bram Devens. His second album, ‘II’, was released in the beginning of 2007. And again, Devens made some beautiful songs, draped in canyons of sound. For those of you who like their music a bit experimental and dreamy, Ignatz is your man. Devens used tons of effects and feedback on his debut (only a couple of months ago). This time it’s easier to recognize real instruments. There’s even a song on the record that has been stripped to the bone. A guitar and a voice, that’s all there is to hear. In the other songs, Ignatz uses more familiar sounds, but again layers of echoes, distorted voices and other space-like effects control Devens’ music. Especially ‘Hurling Incense’ and ‘I Was Not There’ can grab you by the throat. Don’t tell we didn’t warn you. For the fans of the Canadian Constellation label and groups like Boards Of Canada: do yourself a favour and check out Ignatz. // Jeroen Michiel

Release Info: 15/01/2007, (K-RAA-K)3

MySpace address: http://www.myspace.com/ignazt
www.kraak.net: http://www.kraak.net