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Music from Europe: Dell'Impero delle Tenebre (by Il Teatro Degli Orrori)

hard rock / noise from Venice, Italy

"Dell'Impero delle Tenebre"
(2007, La Tempesta)

by Il Teatro Degli Orrori Italian album
from Venice, Italy

hard rock / noise
in Italian
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Il Teatro Degli Orrori, Dell'Impero delle Tenebre

[ video ]  Compagna Teresa
[ audio ]  Carrarmato rock
[ audio ]  L'impero delle tenebre
[ audio ]  Compagna Teresa

Il Teatro Degli Orrori Anger, bitterness and a bunch of ideas that want to be unleashed. All these elements will hit you while listening to the songs Il Teatro degli Orrori plays. The musical roots are easily traced back to the likes of Jesus Lizard or The Melvins. On the other hand, the closest comparison among Italian bands is with One Dimensional Man, one of the few bands which throughout the last decade shook the grounds on which Italian indie rock had been sleepily resting. Even though the two bands share more than just a few members, this newly formed combo has decided to take on more frontally the public, singing in Italian and not in English, with intense and brutally acute lyrics that aim at generating some itching and thoughts in the listeners, for example when shouting loud that we all have "lost the memory of the twentieth century" and that "anyway, we've lost". In short, this album will let you face a number of things that you may try to ignore, but probably you should not. // Benedetto Delle Piane

Release Info: Album out on 6th April 2007. Distributed in Italy by Venus.

Il teatro degli orrori Official Website: http://www.ilteatrodegliorrori.com
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