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Music from Europe: The Midnight Room (by Jennifer Gentle)

progressive / psychedelic / pop from Padua, Italy

"The Midnight Room"
(2007, Sub Pop (USA))

by Jennifer Gentle Italian album
from Padua, Italy

progressive / psychedelic / pop
in English
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Jennifer Gentle, The Midnight Room

[ audio ]  Take My Hand
[ audio ]  Telephone Ringing
[ audio ]  Electric Princess
[ video ]  Take My Hand (live)

Jennifer Gentle What's Jennifer Gentle got to do with Klaxons? Nothing, or everything, if you like. Klaxons are English nu-rave torchbearers, Jennifer Gentle is a new psychedelic band from Padua, Italy, strongly influenced by the sound of Joe Meek, Link Wray, Screamin' Jay Hawkins. But both are magick, evil and sick: their music should be joyful, but instead is ghoulish. "The Midnight Room" is a picture of the ordinary, obscure and deep malaise of the Western World. It is a ketamine party. Several adorable psycho-marches guide us through a claustrophobic labyrinth with oneiric creatures, coming out of an Ed Wood or Tim Burton movie. No wonder that Jennifer Gentle is the first Italian band who signed to Sub Pop. And tours in Croatia, Spain, Uk, Canada, China (two times) and USA (three times) witness the bandís credibility. // Renzo Stefanel

Release Info: Album out on 19th June 2007. Distribution: in Italy by Audioglobe, in France and Benelux by Pias, in UK by Shellshock, in Germany by Cargo.

Jennifer Gentle official website: http://www.jennifergentle.it
Jennifer Gentle on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jennifergentle
Jennifer Gentle on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/jennifergentle
SubPop (label): http://www.subpop.com