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Music from Europe: Le man avec les lunettes? (by Le man avec les lunettes)

indie / pop / twee from Brescia, Italy

"Le man avec les lunettes?"
(2007, Zahr / MyHoney)

by Le man avec les lunettes Italian album
from Brescia, Italy

indie / pop / twee
in English
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Le man avec les lunettes, Le man avec les lunettes?

[ audio ]  Aging Again
[ audio ]  For a lover
[ audio ]  Victorian swimming pool
[ video ]  Aging Again

Le man avec les lunettes Since the first time you’ll listen to this cd, you’ll need to swim in their Victorian pool at tea time… An anthology with most of the previous singles released by the first Italian band to play at Emmaboda’s festival: LMALL cares of a pure, crystal pop songwriting, heritage of both sides of Atlantic Sixties. Going upstream, you find Beatles in almost all tracks and solarized Californian pics into “Aging again”: these perfect songs talk about tennis, dogsitters, Venice… A delight for Labrador fans, issued by a honey-seller label (true!) and a Sardinian European-minded one: “All you need is other girls / to get through the other girls”… Soon in US with Old Gold Recs, ready to tour abroad. // Enrico Veronese

Release Info: Album out on 22th January 2007. Distributed in Italy by Audioglobe.

Le man avec les lunettes Official Website: http://www.lmall.it
Le man avec les lunettes on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/occhialuto
Le man avec les lunettes on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/lmall
Zahr Records (label): http://www.zahr.net
MyHoney Records (label): http://www.myhoney.it