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Music from Europe: My Lonely And Sad Waterloo (by My Awesome Mixtape)

electronica / indie / pop from Bologna, Italy

"My Lonely And Sad Waterloo"
(2007, Amico Immaginario / My Honey)

by My Awesome Mixtape Italian album
from Bologna, Italy

electronica / indie / pop
in English
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My Awesome Mixtape, My Lonely And Sad Waterloo

[ video ]  Me & The Washing Machine (live)
[ audio ]  Napalm on Bxxx Gxxxx
[ audio ]  Diderot
[ audio ]  The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
[ audio ]  Francis Turner

My Awesome Mixtape Paolo Torreggiani is a 21-years-old guy from Bologna and he's got a very beautiful haircut. This record is what happens when you spend life in your bedroom geeking at the pc while listening to sad records. Maybe you should go outside on the roof for a cigarette and think about that sweet girl. Or instead you should stay in you bedroom and start to make some tunes, still thinking about that sweet girl. That's what Paolo did. That's My Awesome Mixtape. The name of the band reveals the old-fashioned attitude of their music. And also the cool-inspiration that Paolo gets from artists such as the Anticon-superstar Why. But MAM is very talented and you could listen to it in songs such as "The San Valentines Day Massacre" and “Diderot”. Everything is so sad here. And a little bit immature. Waiting for him to express the best of his songwriting, check out this band. One of the (indie) thing you must listen to in this 2007. // Carlo Pastore

Release Info: Album out on 7th September 2007. Distributed in Italy by Audioglobe.

MAM on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/wearemyawesomemixtape
MAM on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/myawesomemixtape
L'Amico Immaginario (label): http://www.lamicoimmaginario.it
My Honey (label): http://www.myhoney.it/