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Music from Europe: Songs (by Norman Palm)

singer / songwriter from Berlin, Germany

(2008, Ratio Records)

by Norman Palm German album
from Berlin, Germany

singer / songwriter
in English
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Norman Palm, Songs

[ video ]  Floating Around

Norman Palm Norman Palmīs first long player is simply called "Songs" and is accompanied by a book with 200 pages - one chapter for each of the 12 songs. Itīs important to know that most songs were developed while Palm was finishing his studies at an art academy, so it seems like a logical consequence this artist is combining his music with art, that he uses drawings, photographs and stock block to make the stories in his songs visible. There are not only new songs on the album but also work from Palmīs demos. And though the record has been recorded in a decent studio and not at home it got a very special, homely charme. Palm nearly perfectionized his ability to compose and arrange: he knows how to create songs that are honest, innocent and impartial and though with a minimalistical using of instruments. He mostly only uses his voice, guitar and percussion. Together with the wonderful book Norman Palm created a masterpiece. But there are only 1000 copies of the book, so be quick. // mic / tamara

Release Info: Release Date: 10.10.2008

www.normanpalm.com: http://www.normanpalm.com
www.myspace.com/normanpalm: http://www.myspace.com/normanpalm