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Music from Europe: Afraid To Dance (by Port Royal)

electronica / ambient / post-rock from Genoa, Italy

"Afraid To Dance"
(2007, Resonant (UK))

by Port Royal Italian album
from Genoa, Italy

electronica / ambient / post-rock
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Port Royal, Afraid To Dance

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Port Royal Port-Royal are a band playing electronic music with an ambient/post-rock attitude, reminding now Boards of Canada, now Autechre or To Rococo Rot. As the name might suggest, they come from a city which is on the sea: Genoa. Their sound, however doesn't lend itself to be associated to the sea. It tends to be linear and simple and its structure does not get entangled in too many ideas, but will rather proceed from a point to another, even if the direction will not be necessarily clear at the start. Port-Royal is the music that one would want to listen to while driving throughout somewhere in the middle of Europe, without knowing precisely which one is the right road, but with the curiosity to look at the places around the car. And that could be an idea for those who haven't planned yet their summer, like myself. // Benedetto Delle Piane

Release Info: Album out on 1st June in Italy and on 16th July in the rest of the world. Distribution: in Italy by Goodfellas, in UK by SRD, in USA by Darla and Forced Exposure, in Japan by P*dis, in France by La Baleine, in Benelux by Lowlands, in Germany by Hausmusik, in Taiwan by Silent Agreement, in Hong Kong by White Noise.

Port Royal official website: http://www.port-royal.it
Port Royal on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/uptheroyals
Port Royal on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/portroyal
Resonant (label): http://www.resonantlabel.com