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Music from Europe: The Singer (by Teitur)

songwriting / pop from Stockholm, Sweden / Torshavn, Fær Øer

"The Singer"
(2008, Arlo And Betty Recordings)

by Teitur Danish album
from Stockholm, Sweden / Torshavn, Fær Øer

songwriting / pop
in English
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Teitur, The Singer

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Teitur Born and raised on the Faroe Islands, high school graduate from Denmark, former London resident for six years and now situated in Stockholm – and having been performing all over the world, Teitur is a real globetrotter. On his fourth album, ”The Singer”, he skips the traditional way of writing and playing quite simple guitar or piano based songs. Instead, his now more complex songs are focused on his expressive vocals and are meticulously arranged from the bottom, often using brass or string sections as the main instruments. It all starts off with the title track consisting of Teitur’s stunning falsetto vocals performed almost without any backing which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The level of ambition is similar to artists like Talk Talk or Steely Dan which makes “The Singer” an album that in a Danish context is completely unique. // Erik Barkman

Release Info: Release date: 11 February 2008 Distributor: Scandinavia: Playground Music Germany: Edel Records

Official Teitur website: http://www.teitur.com
Teitur on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/teitur