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Music from Europe: Here Comes the Future (by The Honeydrips)

indie from Gothenburg, Sweden

"Here Comes the Future"
(2007, Sincerely Yours/Playground)

by The Honeydrips Swedish album
from Gothenburg, Sweden

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The Honeydrips, Here Comes the Future

[ video ]  I Wouldn’t Know What to Do
[ video ]  (Lack of) Love will Tear Us Apart
[ audio ]  Åh Karolin

The Honeydrips It's so nice when a truly gifted musician lives up to the expectations. Mikael Carlssons one man project The Honeydrips has been one of the most talked about artists on the swedish indie scene since last years 'Åh Karolin', a brilliant cover of the theme song from Just Jaeckins soft porno classic Emmanuelle. And the debut album Here Comes the Future delivers with ease, ten sparkling indie gems. It is already regarded as a minor classic in Sweden. And it's not just the album, there are some great bonus tracks on the singles as well. On the first single from the album, '(Lack of) Love will Tear Us Apart' (feat Hanna from Cat 5), there is a version by The Embassy and the excellent extra track 'I Just Don't Know What To'. The second single 'I Wouldn’t Know What to Do' comes with a remix by The Field and the lovely ballad 'Everytime', which sounds a bit like a collaboration between Wham, Chris Isaak and The Beautiful South. // Lars Jämtelid