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Music from Europe: Villa Inferno (by The Zen Circus)

folk / punk / rock from Pisa, Italy

"Villa Inferno"
(2008, Unhip Records)

by The Zen Circus Italian album
from Pisa, Italy

folk / punk / rock
in English & Italian & French
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The Zen Circus, Villa Inferno

[ video ]  Punk Lullaby
[ audio ]  Dirty Feet
[ audio ]  Figlio Di Puttana
[ audio ]  Les Tantes De La Dimanche

The Zen Circus After years of little consideration by the Italian music medias, finally The Zen Circus start to get their “revenge”. Brian Ritchie – Violent Femmes’ bass player – was one of the first to realize the quality of the band. After listening to their previous album, “Vita e opinioni di Nello Scarpellini, gentiluomo”, he decided to produce their next and to play with them live. That’s way “Villa Inferno” was born. This is an important album both for the collaborations – beside Ritchie, also the Deal sisters (Pixies/The Breeders) and Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) played – and the great songs, which will surely stay among the most meaningful Italian productions of the year. The Zen Circus proved to be a great folk punk band. Great songwriters in the albums, restless animals in live concerts. One of the best Italian bands. // Sandro Giorello

Release Info: Album out on 15th February 2008. Distributed in Italy by Audioglobe. Distributed in Europe by Indigo (from May 2008).

The Zen Circus official website: http://www.zencircustheband.com
The Zen Circus on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thezencircus
The Zen Circus on Rockit: http://www.rockit.it/thezencircus
Unhip Records (mail order): http://www.unhiprecords.com