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The best albums of 2007 in Europe

The webzines of ListenToEurope chose the 5 albums of the year
from their country that everyone abroad should know about.
ListenToEurope Television is showing 1 video from each album!

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  Belgian TOP 5  (by Belpop)

Color At The Darkest Disco [ Color At The Darkest Disco ]
by Nid & Sancy
Hoekzetel Bruno [ Hoekzetel Bruno ]
by I Love Sarah
II [ II ]
by Ignatz
Les Heures De Raison [ Les Heures De Raison ]
by Soy Un Caballo
indie / pop
Pop Off [ Pop Off ]
by The Rhythm Junks
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  Czech TOP 5  (by Mix)

Alpha Female [ Alpha Female ]
by Gaia Mesiah
hard rock / punk rock / reggae
Auris [ Auris ]
by Tara Fuki
Dreamer [ Dreamer ]
by Sunshine
Kluci kde ste? [ Kluci kde ste? ]
by Tata Bojs
Objects Of Desire And Other Complications [ Objects Of Desire And Other... ]
by Monkey Business
funk / pop
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  Danish TOP 5  (by Gaffa)

Action Painting [ Action Painting ]
by Speaker Bite Me
Alternative rock
Lust, Lust, Lust [ Lust, Lust, Lust ]
by The Raveonettes
Alternative rock
Parades [ Parades ]
by Efterklang
Alternative rock/electronica
The Fashion [ The Fashion ]
by The Fashion
Alternative rock
The Kissaway Trail [ The Kissaway Trail ]
by The Kissaway Trail
Alternative rock
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  French TOP 5  (by Les In Rocks)

Déportivo [ Déportivo ]
by Déportivo
Kings of the Worlds [ Kings of the Worlds ]
by Fancy
glam rock
My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash [ My Friends All Died In A... ]
by Cocoon
Oulipo Saliva [ Oulipo Saliva ]
by Angil & The Hiddentracks
folk / hip-hop / jazz
Silence Is Golden [ Silence Is Golden ]
by Hushpuppies
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  German TOP 5  (by Rote Raupe)

Kapitulation [ Kapitulation ]
by Tocotronic
indie / rock
Polarkreis 18 [ Polarkreis 18 ]
by Polarkreis 18
indie / electro / experimental
Reporting a mirage [ Reporting a mirage ]
by Gods of blitz
hysteria rock&roll
Riemerling [ Riemerling ]
by Me Succeeds
electronica / pop alternative
The goal is to make the animals happy [ The goal is to make the... ]
by sdnmt
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  Italian TOP 5  (by Rockit)

Dell'Impero delle Tenebre [ Dell'Impero delle Tenebre ]
by Il Teatro Degli Orrori
hard rock / noise
Dividing Opinions [ Dividing Opinions ]
by Giardini di Mirò
post-punk / arty-rock / indie
La stagione del cannibale [ La stagione del cannibale ]
by Amor Fou
songwriting / pop / electro
My Lonely And Sad Waterloo [ My Lonely And Sad Waterloo ]
by My Awesome Mixtape
electronica / indie / pop
Technicolor Dreams [ Technicolor Dreams ]
by A Toys Orchestra
indie / pop / rock
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  Spanish TOP 5  (by The Belle Music)

Cuentos chinos para niños del Japón [ Cuentos chinos para niños... ]
by Love of Lesbian
The Sunny Album [ The Sunny Album ]
by Bandini
rock / indie / folk / slowcore
Tiny Telephone [ Tiny Telephone ]
by The Sunday Drivers
folk / pop
Triangulo de Amor Bizarro [ Triangulo de Amor Bizarro ]
by Triangulo de Amor Bizarro
Tu no existes [ Tu no existes ]
by Astrud
art pop
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  Swedish TOP 5  (by Digfi)

From Here We Go Sublime [ From Here We Go Sublime ]
by The Field
Here Comes the Future [ Here Comes the Future ]
by The Honeydrips
Migration [ Migration ]
by Sambassadeur
Night falls over Kortedala [ Night falls over Kortedala ]
by Jens Lekman
Une teinte intense [ Une teinte intense ]
by Testbild!
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Please note that in each top 5, the order of the albums is just alphabetical