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Music from Europe: 5 (by Tresestrellas)

sad core / emo folk from Huesca, Spain

(2007, AA Records)

by Tresestrellas Spanish album
from Huesca, Spain

sad core / emo folk
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Tresestrellas, 5

Tresestrellas Tresestrellas's music is like a raw necklace made of string and little blue cristal stones. Semitransparent, plain, with the beauty that have those things that are at the same time simple and complicated. Tresestrellas (Threestars) are María Valle, Javier y Carlos Aquilué and their last record, selfproduced and edited by AA Records, is called 5 because it has just five songs that we could describe as esthetic minimalism in some way closed to Low, Yo La Tengo, Slint or Cat Power. Another important matter is the way they use silence and pause just as if they were another instrument mixed with strongly emotional landscapes. A great band from a great and interesting label that it is not exactly a lable but an international web-community of musicians between Spain and Germany. // Ïñigo de Amescua