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Music from Europe: Triangulo de Amor Bizarro (by Triangulo de Amor Bizarro)

post-rock from Madrid, Spain

"Triangulo de Amor Bizarro"
(2007, Mushroom Pillow)

by Triangulo de Amor Bizarro Spanish album
from Madrid, Spain

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Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro

[ video ]  El Himno de la Bala

Triangulo de Amor Bizarro Although their name, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, is the exact Spanish translation of one of the most famous New Order’s songs (Bizarre Love Triangle) their sound has little to do with the synth pop made by the mancunians. What they offer are tips of Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, Devo, Kraut-rock and the sound of a broken refrigerator from the 80’s and some other stuff. What that does mean anyway? Means angry, sharp, lyrics (in Spanish) immersed in waves of distortion, feedback, reverb, fuzz, rawness and some synths. The record has been produced by Carlos Fernández, who contributed a lot in the development of this album (called El Himno de la Bala, Bullet’s Hymn in English), and shows contributions by Joaquín Pascual, whose name is perfect if you want to track some of the best Spanish indie music in the last 15 years (listen to Surfin’ Bichos or Mercromina as an example). // Inigo de Amescua

Release Info: Mushroom Pillow