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Music from Europe: Escape Plan Foiled (by Warehouse)

indie rock / post hardcore from Paris, France

"Escape Plan Foiled"
(2008, Darenne)

by Warehouse French album
from Paris, France

indie rock / post hardcore
in English
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Warehouse, Escape Plan Foiled

[ video ]  Parasite

Warehouse After the very good Social Leperís Club which introduced Warehouse to the French rock scene in 2005, everybody was waiting for a new record from the David Aldermanís band, this charismatic guy who played a few gigs with Guapo in the past. This is not a surprise, the Chicago and Washington DC indie rock sounds and bands like Shellac, Slint and Fugazi influenced Escape Plan Foiled which easily rises above its predecessor. But in a really interesting way to make Warehouse nothing but one of the most well inspired French bands of the moment. So listening to these eleven distorted and melodic songs recorded by Darenne (ex-Albini co-hort) which include a cover of Really Red and a featuring of Jenn Solheim (veteran of the Chicago scene), will bring you back to the nineties, to the golden age of the American indie rock. But the band never fears to carry such a heritage. Quite the reverse, these five musicians are broad-shouldered enough to use it advisedly. // Matthieu Choquet

Release Info: 17/03/2008, Pias France