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  Czech webzine

The origins of Mix.cz date back to 1999 when a group of enthusiasts started a webzine called Musicway.cz focusing on electronic music. In 2002 Musicway.cz underwent a conceptual change. As Hudebniportal.cz, it left behind its focus on the electronic scene and started providing information about other music genres, film and general culture (theatre, exhibitions, interesting projects, etc.). Following the purchase of the www.mix.cz domain in 2004, the Mix.cz project has achieved a stable position among other Czech cultural/music webzines.

The music section forms the core of the project. It offers information about the general music scene, presents reports and photo reports from live shows in the Czech Republic, CD and DVD reviews and interviews. Although the projects is dependent on its ratings and therefore tends to follow the expectations of its target group, it devotes significant space to non-mainstream music projects and even supports such projects by offering its advertising space free of charge. The film and general culture sections supplement the complexity of the project.

The Mix.cz team has been working on new concepts which will be introduced in due course. Plans for the near future include multimedia development, interactive features such as discussion and blog space for registered users, a section in English devoted to the Czech music scene, new visualisation features, etc. The changes are a never-ending story, but we enjoy writing it.

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