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Music from Europe: Indentification With The Enemy (by Zu)

electro / jazz / experimental from Rome, Italy

"Indentification With The Enemy"
(2007, Atavistic)

by Zu Italian album
from Rome, Italy

electro / jazz / experimental
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Zu, Indentification With The Enemy

Zu Among Italian underground bands, Zu is one of the most famous abroad. This is certainly due to the energy of their jazz-core, but also to the many experimental musicians they had the chance to play with (Eugene Chardbourne, Ken Vandemark, Mats Gustafsson...) For the recording of "Identification...", the classic trio of Massimo Pupillo (bass), Jacopo Battaglia (drums) and Luca Mai (sax) was supported by Japanese electronic musician Nobuzaku Takemura. This project could apparently seem a transitional album with no ambition other than playing a session togheter, but indeed it reveals exactly the opposite. It could even be a real turning point in Zu's career either because it has some of their best compositions, either because the sound is a perfect balance between Zu's jazz background and Takemura's ambient electronics. Moreover, if one considers how boring jazz and ambient music can sometimes be, it is amazing how a fusion of the two have resulted in such a compelling record. // Max Osini

Release Info: Album out on in sping 2007. Distributed in Italy by Goodfellas, and in the rest of the world by Touch & Go Records.

Zu official website: http://www.zuism.com
Zu on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/zuband
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